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There are two different Web Players on this website. The player on the front page shows the current playing song or show with artwork. The player on this page shows that information and a list of the recently played tracks.

Smart Speaker
There are three main types of Smart Speaker or voice controlled interfaces, that can be used to hear Easy Rock Paradise.

Amazon Echo uses Alexa as its do something instruction. Whereas the  Google Assistant just uses Hey Google as its instruction. Finally, The Apple voice instructions are directed at Siri.

For Alexa devices just say

It is as easy as that!
For other devices, just substitute Google or Siri for Alexa!

There are many different Apps that can be used to hear Easy Rock Paradise on a Phone or a Tablet. Almost all of these have a free version.

Among the best Apps are:-
TuneIn     myTuner Radio    XiiaLive   Audials Radio
You will find all of these in the Google Store or the iTunes Store
For PCs just search for any of the above and you will find the route to install it on your PC.

Internet Radio
Once the top choice for internet radio listening, Internet Radios have dropped a little in popularity these days. Mass use of sophisticated mobile phones has produced a situation were mobile phones offer many more sophisticated and customisable ways of hearing internet radio. They still retain a loyal following though.

All internet radios work with their own databases, however there are a number of different ones! Easy Rock Paradise is available on all the major internet radio databases.

If you have an internet radio and Easy Rock Paradise is not in the database, please let us know and we will get it added.

Internet Radios also let you add extra streams that may be missing. Here are the Easy Rock  Paradise streams:

1 Main Stream

This stream is 128k Mp3 Stereo and is a good choice for all normal listening.

2 High Quality HD Stream

This stream is 320k Mp3 Stereo and is designed for people who want the highest quality audio. However, this stream uses almost three times the data bandwidth of the Main Stream. Meaning that it needs a strong constant signal and it is not recommended for in-car listening or for listeners who have data usage limits.

3 Low Bandwidth Stream

This stream is 48k aac Stereo and is the best choice for mobile and in-car listening using a phone or use in poor signal areas. It offers amazing quality for the bandwidth used and is recommended for users with data use limits and listeners in poor signal areas.

Important Note - This stream will soon be replaced by a direct stream. Please look for updates about this on this Website or on the Easy Rock Paradise Facebook Page at

Easy Rock Paradise

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